Payback LTD

Times are hard. And sometimes emergencies make times even harder.

Car trouble. Medical bills. Traffic tickets. These are just a few unexpected expenses that could push your finances over the edge.

You have a job, so the banks should give you a $100-$1000 loan quickly, shouldn’t they?

Probably not.

Banks are under scrutiny like never before, so you’re out of luck unless you have an amazing credit score.
Even if you can get a bank loan, you need the money now – not when the bank gets around to it in a few weeks.

That’s why today more and more people like you are turning to quick and convenient online Payback LTD Loans (cash advances) than ever before.

But there is a problem . . .

What if you need money right now, but the nearest Payback LTD loan office is closed?

And won’t walking into one of those loan places feel embarrassing? What if somebody you know sees you there?

Fortunately, the solution is simple.

Apply using our quick and easy online form

Complete the quick and easy application. We only need a little information to get you matched up with the perfect short-term loan for your situation.
The money is deposited in your checking account within 24 hours, sometimes within hours. No waiting around for approvals. There won’t even be a credit check!
Pay off your loan the next time you get paid. All you need is a quick cash loan, so why let costly interest charges pile up, right.

If you answered yes, then Payback LTD Loan Solutions can help you get the cash you need – up to $1000 for any purpose at all – completely online in the privacy of your own home.

We match your details with the network of approved lenders online, and we do it fast. You can have cash deposited in your checking account in less than 24 hours, sometimes within hours.

The application is fast and easy too; it will only take you about 3 minutes to complete!

Do you have a fixed monthly income?

Are you employed by a dependable company?
Have you been employed with the same company for at least 6 months?
Do you have an active bank account?
Are you over 18 years of age?

We are not a bank, and lender. Instead, we work with a nationwide network of approved lenders to help you get the money you need. Our online application is safe, secure, and your complete privacy is 100% guaranteed!

FAQ Payback LTD

What is a Payback LTD Loan?

A Payback LTD Loan is a cash advance made to a person until their next Payback LTD comes along. People choose Payback LTD Loans for small unexpected needs for cash. You can get up to $1000 overnight (depending on whether you’ve made an application during a business day). Once your loan application is approved, the money is deposited directly into your bank account. You can apply over the internet and, if you do your banking online, you will able to see exactly when your account get credited with the amount you have loaned.

A Payback LTD Loan can be used for anything, the lender does not need to know the specifics of what it is you will be using the money for. If you meet the loan requirements you will get the cash advanced to you.

What kind of loans does Payback LTD offer?

Payback LTD Loan Solutions is a matching service for a network of trusted cash advance lenders. We can help connect you with Payback LTD Loans, cash advances or short term loans meant to cover short term expenses.

What are the loan requirements?

Qualifying for a Payback LTD Loan is much easier than qualifying for a credit card. You only need to be 18 and you need to have been employed for at least 6 months in your current job. You need to be a US citizen and, of course, have a bank account.

What is the application procedure?

Applying for a Payback LTD Loan is simple especially at Payback LTD Loan. Everything is filled and submitted on an online form. There is no paperwork and approval is almost immediate.

Is Financial information secure?

We respect customer privacy and will never share information to third parties. Our website has the highest security system with the latest encryption technology.

How much can you get?

You can get pay advances of up to $1000 in 24 hours. The money is deposited into your bank account once the application has been approved and you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the loan agreement.

How much will a loan cost? What are the rates?

Rate and repayment information is based on your personal eligibility for a loan and varies per customer. Rate and repayment information will be available to you if you are approved by a lender. No loan will be issued unless you accept the rate and repayment terms you are presented upon completion of your application.

However a representative APR example is as follows: Rates vary by state, applicant information and lenders. An example loan of a $100.00 for 14 days could cost $25.00 in fees with an APR of 651.79%. The total amount to payback could be $125.00.

How are the fees structured?

We are not lenders and hence do not have any control on Fees and Rates. When you are matched with a lender, they will send you the detailed Fees and Rates structure. You can read through it and if it suits you, you can accept the loan.

What if I have bad credit?

Since we are not a bank, we don’t let bad credit disadvantage anyone from getting a Payback LTD Loan. You can still get $1000 advance with a low credit score.

Can I get more than one Payback LTD Loan?

Not before you’ve repaid your initial loan. You only get one loan at a time.

You’ll know the rates, fees, and terms of your loan before you accept anything. So apply now and have your cash within 24 hours.

Life’s emergencies won’t wait, so why should you? If you’re strapped for cash and Payback LTD is days or even weeks away, Payback LTD Loan Solutions can help. Apply now!

How Does Payback LTD Loan Work?

Payback LTD is a lending network, NOT a lender. Our service is completely free & all repayment terms are between the lender and you. Each lender has different loan terms, such as the loan amount, the APR for the loan, repayment schedules etc.

After submitting your information, and if you are matched with a lender, Payback LTD will redirect to the lender’s web site where you will be able to review & agree to the terms & conditions of the loan. In many cases, the lender will then contact you to confirm your personal information and finalize the loan. The lender may contact you via telephone, email, text messages, etc. Please make sure that you respond in a timely manner to ensure that funds are deposited as quickly as possible.

Borrow Responsibly – We recommend you only borrow what you can afford to repay within loan terms. Residents of Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Virginia & West Virginia are not eligible for a Payback LTD loan. Copyright © 2011 Payback LTD. All rights reserved.

Payback LTD Loans are short-term financial solutions and are not intended to meet long-term financial needs. The operator of this website is not a lender and does not make cash advances or credit decisions. *Not all lenders can provide up to $1,000. This site will match you with a cash advance lender based on your application. The operator of this Website is not an agent or representative of any service provider and does not endorse any service or product. Cash transfer times may vary between lenders and in some circumstances faxing may be required. Completion of this application in no way guarantees that you will be approved for a cash advance offer. This service is not available in all states and the states serviced by this Website may change from time to time and without notice. Typically lenders will not perform credit checks with the three credit reporting bureaus: Experian, Equifax, or Trans Union. Credit checks or consumer reports through alternative providers may be obtained by some lenders. Typically, these reports will not affect your credit score.

The consumer protection agency, which was set up by President Obama, had its first hearing in the public domain earlier this month about Payback LTD lending. This industry currently brings in approximately $7 billion in fees per year. The session was held in Birmingham, Alabama, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said that testimony from this hearing would help them decide on regulations to the industry in the future.

According to the Bureau’s Director, Richard Cordray, short-term cash loans are perfectly okay as long as the lender is helping and not harming the borrower. This is the first time that the Federal Government will be examining Payback LTD lending as it was up to each individual state to run the rule over instant cash loans before now.


An estimated 20 million Americans are availing of Payback LTD Loans. Lenders defended their practice by saying that interest rates are actually quite low and that the application procedure was also extremely easy. Many members of the crowd at the public hearing have successfully used emergency cash loans and were delighted with the service received. Yet these stories cut little ice with Stephen Hoyt, member of the Birmingham City Council, who said that Payback LTD Loans have excessively high interest rates attached.

The Bureau itself hit the headlines because of severe Republican opposition to its formation. The Republicans are also unhappy that Cordray was appointed as Director. Bill Armistead, chairman of the Alabama GOP, is also unhappy at the formation of the Bureau, which he feels could make decisions that hurt an economy that is already fragile.

Short-term cash loans have often been criticized by defenders of the poor who state that such industries take advantage of people on low incomes. Payback LTD loan companies in Alabama often open in the place of closed convenience stores and fast-food restaurants. It is interesting to note that the average user of short-term loans in the United States earns around $900 a week, hardly belonging in the low-income bracket.


Instant cash loans are now legal in 32 states, each of which has their own individual rules. For example, lenders in Alabama are not allowed lend more than $500 with a maximum interest rate of 17.5%. It should be noted that this is total interest on the loan, not APR, which can be as high as 456%. However, a $100 loan over 14 days will result in a maximum of $17.50 interest being repaid. This can hardly be seen as extortion and residents of Alabama clearly agree as 20% of households in the state utilize Payback LTD Loans.

Ted Saunders, CEO of Community Choice Financial Inc. in Ohio is outraged at statements, which say that the short-term cash loan industry chews people up and spits them out. He said that Payback LTD lending is well regulated and that states should look for companies that break the rules rather than making sweeping changes in the industry. According to Republican politician Oliver Robinson who represents Birmingham, new regulations could damage the lives of people in his area. Mr. Robinson also said that people often can’t get a loan from banks and that emergency lenders offer an important service.

Payback LTD lenders have warned that the new regulations placed on them may drive people into the arms of loan sharks and other unregulated lenders. The states where instant cash loans are legal have implemented a number of strict policies over the last few years which are threatening to bleed the industry dry. According to Payback LTD loan companies, these measures are not protecting the consumer at all. In fact, it is placing them in great danger as people desperate for cash will now turn to illegal lenders who are notorious for their exorbitant interest rates.

Owners of Payback LTD stores are upset that the new regulations seem to allow online cash loan companies to thrive while physical stores find it hard to survive. Tony Scales of Express Check Advance suggests that regulators don’t take into account the emergency needs of people when they introduce these harsh new rules. Jamie Fulmer of Advance America agrees. He said that the new regulation will merely play into the hands of underground lenders who really take advantage of people. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is determined to regulate the industry with its head, Richard Cordray, stating that Payback LTD loan companies have escaped regulation for too long.

The Need for Emergency Cash Loans

The instant cash loan industry really boomed in the 1990s and first decade of the new century as they loaned money to consumers with poor credit scores and others who were unable to get a loan from a bank. Short-term loan companies point out that the actual interest paid is not that high with an average of 17% paid on the average loan of $345. While this may seem high, the emergency factor needs to be taken into account. These customers have no other alternatives. Consumer groups say that cash loan companies like this take advantage of low income families who can’t afford to repay, end up paying rollover charges and remain caught in a web of debt. The peak year of the industry was 2007 when it made almost $7 billion in profit.

Rise of Online Cash Loans

Although some states have made Payback LTD Loans illegal and this has caused the fall of many physical stores, online lending is going from strength to strength. This form of lending has doubled in the last five years but the concern is that illegal online loan companies are operating amongst those who follow the rules. The Consumer Federation of America claim that online cash loan companies charge 50% more interest than storefront loan companies.

The CFPB’s main concern is to closely monitor non-banking financial companies that provide financial products. The CFPB aim to learn more about Payback LTD lenders and ensure that they are operating within the law. However, it is feared that overzealousness on the part of the CFPB could cause consumers to look to illegal lenders for financial assistance. There is no doubt that Payback LTD lending needs to be regulated but creating new rules that will cripple this type of company will be terrible news for the consumer in the long run. Banks consistently turn their backs on the needy. We need a regulated alternative that can offer instant cash when necessary or else loan sharks will win.

The recent furor over Payback LTD Loans makes one wonder: If they are so awful and take advantage of low income families, why do people use them? More to the point, why are so many people avoiding banks like the plague? Best estimates indicate that more than 18 million Americans have no bank account whatsoever with a total of 60 million people ‘under-banked’ which means they rarely if ever use their existing account. It is not uncommon for under-banked people to use the services of Payback LTD lenders. But if banks are the champion of all that is great in the financial world, why are an increasing number of people steering clear of them?

The Truth

Perhaps because banks are as bad as any ‘predatory’ lender. Short-term cash loan companies are often depicted in the same way as one would describe a loan shark. The fact that companies of this nature are heavily regulated by their resident states and potentially the Federal government seems to slip beneath the notice of most anti-emergency cash loan protesters. They cling steadfastly to the outdated notion that instant cash loan organizations charge too much interest, deliberately do so to gain even higher rollover fees and hide their true intentions. In actual fact, Payback LTD lending is one of the most transparent financial services there is. Companies are required by law to spell out their terms and conditions.


Banks on the other hand, like to make things nice and complicated. For instance, banks in America like to slap an average fine of $36 on an account that is overdrawn for one day. This is far more restrictive than the Payback LTD loan companies that charge the highest level of interest. Those who use check-cashing services and use money orders to pay bills could be hit with fees of over $700 a year. Banks desperately try and justify their conduct but they can’t really expect the public to swallow such fees and charges for the privilege of placing their money into a bank account. And we won’t go into the laughable difference between the interest offered on savings accounts and what they charge for a loan. Nor will we talk about the almost criminal difference between what they buy and sell foreign currencies for (a difference of up to 11% in many instances).

The Customer Is Always Wrong!

There is a lot of negative publicity surrounding Payback LTD loan companies but at least they won’t have you arrested if you choose not to use their services unlike a Citibank branch in New York. Yes, this actually happened in October 2011 when a host of customers gathered to close their accounts at the same time. They launched a peaceful protest against the bank and were promptly arrested. None of the protesters used physical force or even foul and abusive language. Nonetheless, 23 of them were arrested.

So, the next time someone asks you why you’re one of the 60 million under-banked Americans or why you like to use the services of an instant cash loan company, explain to them that Payback LTD lenders are more honest than their bank counterparts and won’t have you arrested if you annoy them. Cash loan companies are not the problem, the arrogant ‘holier than thou’ attitude of the banks is.

Currently there are several US cities trying to muscle in on the lucrative Payback LTD loan craze. Some of the major players would include US bank, which has branches all across the country.

Payback LTD Loans have become more lucrative than ever because of their convenience and easy attainability. A person need not have good credit and the money is deposited directly into their checking account. Conventional banks don’t offer such convenience.

Banks competing and losing

Banks have been trying unsuccessfully to compete with Payback LTD loan stores and other check-cashing services, which typically charge very large fees. Banks hope by offering lower fees they can attract customers. The problem is that their standards are usually very stringent and it freezes out a large segment of the population.

Banks offering alternatives

Seeing as how banks are having a difficult time competing with the lucrative Payback LTD loan business they are trying to steer customers into other options. Some are advising consumers of Payback LTD loan stores to contact consumer credit counseling agencies before considering taking out a Payback LTD loan. Many consumers have already tried using such services, unsuccessfully.

What major banks are hoping for

Banks are not be able to compete with the Payback LTD loan business, so instead they try to redirect consumers to them. The goal is to offer services such as financial analysis, debt counseling services and other alternatives. Banks assume that if people are willing to pay outrageous interest rates for short-term cash, then they may be willing to use some of that money to pay for debt counseling services.

The only problem is that debt counseling services are not what some people need in a tough economy. Some people need access to quick cash, which banks have made all too clear they are not willing to give easily.

Payback LTD Loans OnlineThe cost of everything seems to be going up these days and people are finding that their household budgets are becoming less and less. Yes, the cost of living is soaring, and in tough times people look to options they may have never considered, such as Payback LTD Loans. Some people may even rely on Payback LTD Loans to cover monthly expenses on a regular basis.

Warning against relying on Payback LTD Loans consistently

Liz Chadwick, Chief Executive of DAWN Advice gives warnings for those relying on Payback LTD Loans to cover monthly expenses on a regular basis. Research by Citizens Advice revealed that the amount of people currently facing financial hardships due to Payback LTD Loans has more than quadrupled in the past two years.

Some say the disadvantages outweigh the advantages

The advantages of  Payback LTD Loans cannot be denied. Payback LTD Loans are easily available all across the country and no credit checks are required in order to obtain them. The money is easily deposited into a personal checking account once approved. Access to such easy money seems to be too much to turn down for some people who need cash now.

Not to be looked at as a short-term credit

Consumer advocacy groups warn that people who decide to use Payback LTD Loans should not look at them as short-term credit. People should resort to Payback LTD Loans only if they feel they have exhausted any other options available. These warnings come because so many people end up missing repayment deadlines and then their debt rolls over. The interest rates can grow until a person is unable to keep up with paying anymore.

How Payback LTD Loans should be regarded

Payback LTD Loans are meant to be used for people who are trying to make ends meet until they receive their next paycheck. Advocacy groups advise people to manage these loans very carefully if they feel they must utilize them, and be sure not to become trapped in a vicious cycle of over relying on them.

About Payback LTD

Life’s emergencies won’t wait, so why should you? It’s difficult to keep your feet underneath you when financial surprises try to knock you down. Are you having a hard time making rent this month? Did unforeseen medical expenses wipe out the little bit of money you had set aside for a rainy day? Is it the end of the month, the end of your paycheck, and the cupboard and refrigerator are bare? We understand.

That’s why we’re here.

If you’re strapped for cash and Payback LTD is days or even weeks away, Payback LTD Loan Solutions can help. You won’t have to endure the embarrassment of asking your friends or family for a loan. Actually, nobody will ever know you’ve even thought about getting a loan unless you tell them yourself. There will be no credit checks and no lengthy loan applications to fill out. You’ll just fill out our quick and easy application, we’ll pair you with the perfect lender for your situation, and you’ll see the cash deposited in your bank account, often in only a few minutes!

We are not a bank, but that works to your advantage. Your Payback LTD loan will be handled by one of the best lending institutions we can pair you up with in your state. We work as an unbiased middleman, and if any lender doesn’t meet and maintain our strict set of standards, then we won’t send you (or anybody else) to them for a loan. It is our number one priority that you get the cash you need and that you are treated right by the lender who gives it to you.

We serve as your financial matchmaker, pairing you with the perfect lender for your individual and unique Payback LTD loan needs. Your need for cash is as unique as you are. There are no one-solution-fits-all answers, and we don’t force you into any loan, especially if that loan isn’t perfect for you. Then, once the lending institution approves your loan, you receive all the details you need to make an informed decision, and you’re under no obligation to accept anything!

Our online application is safe, secure, and your complete privacy is 100% guaranteed. We keep our site up to date with the latest and most secure encryption techniques so you’ll never have to worry what is happening with your personal information.

So what are you waiting for? Get your cash today!

Rates And Fees

There is absolutely no cost to apply for our online cash advances. We are not the lender but simply match you with online lenders based upon your application. We do not have any input or control over loan fees, the costs of your loan or annual percentage rate of your loan. The fees and rates associated with your loan will vary, based on numerous factors and are usually higher (on a percentage basis) than traditional bank loans such as a mortgage or home equity loan. These details will be explained thoroughly by your lender upon approval of your loan.

When you are matched with an online lender, please thoroughly review all the cash advance information in the agreement, including the loan amount, fees, rates and all other details. There is no obligation to accept these terms until you approve the agreement. If you have a question or concern regarding the loan amount, fees or rate, please contact the lender directly. We expressly disclaim any and all liability related to your application or representations made by any lenders to whom you are referred.

A representative APR example is as follows: Rates vary by state, applicant information and lenders. An example loan of a $100.00 for 14 days could cost $25.00 in fees with an APR of 651.79%. The total amount to payback could be $125.00.

We appreciate your interest. Thank you for trusting us with your cash advance needs.

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AUTHORISED SERVICE PROVIDERS. We may share your personal information with our authorized service providers that carry out certain tasks and provide services on our behalf. For example, we may engage with third party organisations to process payments, provide data storage, assist in marketing our products or services, carry out audits of our services and proesses, provide analysis of our web traffic and site utilisation, and provide hosting, design, development and other operations that make our websites work. We may commission other third-party service providers to help us communicate with you by e-mail, direct mail, SMS or telephone communication. We will only permit the sharing of personal information required to enable these third party providers to provide these services, and place requirements upon them to the same extent as Payback LTD, including not using it for any improper purpose.

BUSINESS PARTNERS. When you express an interest in products, services or promotions offered through our websites or services, we may share your expression of interest with our business partners to offer you those products in which you expressed an interest or other services orpromotions. Where applicable, we will also share information with our business partners’ affiliates and third-party finder or marketing companies. When you decide to opt into a particular offer or program, you authorize us to share your e-mail address and other information to those businesses.

LENDERS AND OTHER PARTNERS. When you submit a completed application for a loan, credit line, shopping card or other product featured on our websites (an “Application”), you agree that we may share your personal information with lenders and our business partners with your prior consent in order to enable you to find a loan. We may also share your bank or financial account information with lenders and our business partners so that they can charge you or debit your account for any fees related to your Application or any other product you have requested. If you submit an incomplete Application (that is, an Application where some sections are left blank), we may share your personal information with lenders and our other business partners, who may offer to help you complete your Application or possibly make conditional offers to you. No credit check will be performed by Payback LTD – we offer a service to match you with potential lenders and do not offer funds or carry out credit scoring that may be used to assess your suitability for a loan, credit line or other products or services. Because lenders and other partners you may be matched with through Payback LTD may retain or use your personal information irrespective of whether or not you qualify for or obtain a loan, credit line, shopping card or other product from them, you should contact these organisations directly for details of their privacy and information sharing practices.

AFFILIATES. We may share information we collect, not including sensitive personal information, with other companies affiliated with Payback LTD, some of which are companies offering products and services other than finance. Sharing information with these other companies enables us to provide you with information about a variety of products and services that might be of interest to you. Companies affliated to us are bound to comply with the regulations set out in this Privacy Policy and all applicable privacy and security laws and, at a minimum, will offer the opportunity to opt out from receipt of e-mail messages from that affiliate company in the future. Payback LTD will not share any personally identifiable information that bears on your creditworthiness with affiliated companies under any circumstances.

SPECIAL NOTICE TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS. Payback LTD will not share any personal information about you with other affiliated companies to the extent prohibited by applicable California law or to the extent your prior consent to share is required by applicable California law.

SPECIAL NOTICE TO VERMONT RESIDENTS. Payback LTD will not share any personal information about you with other affiliated companies to the extent prohibited by applicable Vermont law or to the extent your prior consent to share is required by applicable Vermont law.

OTHER SITUATIONS. We also may disclose your information:

* In response to a subpoena or similar investigative demand, a court order or a request for cooperation from a law enforcement or other government agency; to establish or exercise our legal rights; to defend against legal claims; or as otherwise required by law.

* When we believe disclosure is appropriate in connection with efforts to investigate, or to prevent or take other action regarding, illegal activity, suspected fraud or other wrongdoing; to protect and defend the rights, property or safety of our company, our users, our employees or others; or to enforce our websites’ terms and conditions or other agreements or policies.

* In connection with a substantial corporate transaction, such as the sale of our business, a divestiture, merger, consolidation, asset sale or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.

Any third party persons or organisations to which we may disclose your personal information may have in place privacy policies of their own that set out how they gather, use and disclose personal information held by them. With the exception of companies directly affiliated to Payback LTD, who agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy with respect to any of your personal information we may share with them, third party use of your personal information will be governed by the policies of that third party organisation. If you want to learn more about their privacy practices, we encourage you to visit the websites of those third parties. These entities or their servers may be located either inside or outside the United States.

AGGREGATED AND NON-PERSONAL INFORMATION. We may share aggregated information (i.e., information about you and other customers collectively, but in which you cannot be personally identified) and other non-personal information we collect under any of the above circumstances. In addition, we may also share it with third parties and affiliated companies to develop and deliver targeted advertising on our websites and on the websites of third parties. We may combine non-personal information we collect with additional non-personal information collected from other sources. We also may share aggregated information with third parties for the purpose of conducting analysis of our business. For example, in discussion with our advertisers we may disclose the number of visitors we receive to our websites and the popular pages, services or products accessed. This type of information does not contain any personally identifiable data and may be used to develop our business, our website content and services and our relationships with advertisers and third party companies to provide products and advertisements that users will find interesting and relevant.

THIRD PARTY WEBSITES. When using our websites, there are opportunities to click on a link to access other websites that do not operate under this Privacy Policy. For example, if you choose to visit a website from a link on one of our websites or click on an advertisement, you will leave our website. The content of these websites is not the responsibility of Payback LTD and the Privacy Policies of such websites are not in our control. We recommend that you consult the privacy statements of all third-party websites you visit by clicking on the “privacy” link typically located at the bottom of the web page you are visiting.

We would only disclose your sensitive personal information, such as your National Security number and financial or bank account details, in limited situations, such as to process a transaction or match you with a lender at your request. We do not share this information for marketing purposes or without your prior consent.